Dynamic Introduction
  • Did the presenter make use of a dynamic introduction technique?
  • Did the introduction hook your attention and make you want to see more?
  • Did the presenter state the purpose of the presentation and communicate what was “in it for you”?
  • Did the speaker establish credibility, were they believable and able to form a connection with their audience?
  • Did the speaker set the expectation for Q&A session at end of presentation?
  • Did the presenter greet the audience with warmth and use a sincere and extended smile?
  • Did the presenter greet their audience personally or did they rely solely on their slides to introduce their presentation?
Body Language
  • Did the presenter use good eye contact and facial expressions?
  • Any repetitive and/or annoying gestures such as chair swivelling etc.?
  • Did the presenter make use of open hands during the session?
  • Was it obvious that presenter was reading the presentation either from slides or notes?
  • Was the presenter’s lighting or virtual background appropriate?
  • Did the presenter make an effort to stop slide sharing and engage the audience from time to time to add the human touch?
  • Did the presenter display body language that matched their message e.g. enthusiasm, energy, warmth etc?
Words and Grammar
  • Count the total number of filler words e.g. Um’s, Ah’s, Er’s, Okays, Like, You know’s etc.
  • Are there any other repetitive words you can notice e.g. “obviously”
  • Any bad grammar?
  • Any misuse / mispronunciation of words?
  • Any jargon or acronyms that you feel shouldn’t have been used and replaced with ‘user friendly’ words?
  • Could the presenter have used more accessible language for their target audience or was the message clear and appropriate?
  • Can you tell that the presenter had PRACTISED and were they eloquent and articulate in delivering their content?
Voice Artist
  • Is the voice pattern monotonous or was adequate variety used?
  • Did the presenter hold your attention by using vocal expression?
  • Did the vocal expression and tone match the message?
  • Are purposeful pauses being used effectively?
  • What is the rate of speech like in general? Too fast, too slow?
  • Did the presenter create adequate emphasis and use their voice effectively to create meaning?
Media and Slides
  • Did the presenter navigate their digital media with confidence?
  • Was the presenter overly reliant upon the presentation? Reading it etc.?
  • Did the presenter place too much text on slides or use slides like notes? Or did the presenter minimize text and animate and embellish as recommended?
  • Was the font consistent, professional and easy to read?
  • Were the graphics appropriate and compelling?
  • Were the slides interesting, attractive and did they add value and enhance memory retention?
  • Was text / smart art animated to appear or was the audience able to read the entire slide before the presenter could speak to it?
  • Was there too much information on slides such as overly complex graphs, too much data or too many ideas / images per slide?
  • Did the presenter contextualise the slides as they appeared and correctly time the slides and animations?
  • Did the presenter make the effort to stop screen sharing and engage the audience from time to time?
  • Did the presenter make use of any of the interactive tools contained within the online presentation software to create audience engagement such as reactions, polls, annotation etc?
  • Was it clear what the presentation was about?
  • Was the presentation structured in a logical fashion?
  • Was information introduced in bite sized chunks?
  • Was the content interesting or formulaic?
  • Was the content designed with the target audience in mind?
  • Was the presentation coherent and well thought out?
  • Did the presenter make use of the presentation toolkit to impart information in different ways to appeal to different audience members?
  • Did the presenter ask at least one question of the audience successfully during the presentation and did the question inspire audience engagement?
  • Was there information overload?
  • Do you feel the presenter applied a strategy to overcome objections during the presentation?
  • Was the presentation too long or too short?
Dynamic Conclusion
  • Did the speaker signal the conclusion was imminent or was the conclusion an anti climax / “caught you off guard”?
  • Did the speaker summarise the key take-aways before concluding?
  • Did the speaker make use of a dynamic conclusion technique and end on a strong note?
  • Did the conclusion encapsulate the core message of the presentation and was it memorable / thought provoking / appropriate?
  • Was there a call to action?
  • Do you feel the presenter achieved their presentation objective?
  • Did the speaker pause, thank the audience and then ask for Q&A after concluding?

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